About the Video

More About Perception

The song, Perception, was written through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, as she comes to the realization that sin is what put Jesus on the Cross.

How she sees the loss
— our sins, our selfishness, our desires, that put Him there.

The video takes poetic justice, and is done in a creative way —
A woman exhausted running through life, what she is experiencing
with her own pain and sin in her life, the sin that she sees in the world
through the actions of others and then the realization that all this loss
was created by us and Jesus had to die for it.

It is written to bring attention to the Cross and what it symbolizes.

Life, Forgiveness and Promise.

My hope is that it shows you that the Cross provided everything that you will ever need, here and for eternity.

With His Love, Susan Thompson



The Song
Melody & Lyrics written by Susan Thompson

Music Recording & Orchestration
Michael Whittaker

Original Demo Track
Sean Hill – UPhill Studios

Prologue Narration
Ione Butler

Featured Vocalist
Morgann David

Co-Directed by
Susan L. Mohr – The Inner Vizion
Billy Brown – Evidential Productions

Script & Creative Treatment
Susan L. Mohr – The Inner Vizion

Camera/Director of Photography
Billy Brown – Evidential Productions

Camera Assistant
Lance Ogren

Makeup Artist
Lily Norvell

Video Editing & Post Production
Billy Brown – Evidential Productions

Project Director/Executive Producer
Mike Thompson

Runner – Sarah Ross

Abused Wife – Shelli Norvell
Husband – Adam McCants

Young Man (w/bicycle) – Colten Phillips

Girl #1 – Bekah Christopher
Girl #2 – Mattie Stanton
Girl #3 – Emma Redmon

Homeless Woman – Deidre Phillips
Dog – “Cash” Phillips

Single Mother – Deb Amond
Little Girl – Morgan Amond
Infant Girl – Georgia Amond

Spring Hill Orchestra String Section
Charis MacKrell (violin)
Julie Hatfield (violin)
Rachel Baker (violin)
Daphine Brown (cello)
Rebecca Vendemo (cello)
Chris Adair (double bass)

Additional media provided by
Footage Firm, Inc. – Pond 5 – NASA